I Got a Little Bored…

Okay, it’s a Friday night, I’m sitting inside quietly minding my own business when I realise something.   I am actually bored, which as we all know by now can be a dangerous thing.   Fortunately, I devised a cunning and mischievous plan.   Troll.

I made an internet ad as a single, and desperately horny 18 year old girl, called none other than “SugarTits McBoaby.”  What’s best (or worst) is that using these two images here, don’t worry it’s my elbow, I actually fooled people into believing I was a lady.   Complete with working lady parts.

I’ve even put all the charming responses up for your amusement

The Tantalising Adventures of SugarTits McBoaby

About tellingfibulas

Lukewarmest thing to tip its toe into Glasgow comedy
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