We are all in it together

not buying it

I watched BBC’s “Question Time” recently.   That’s not strictly true, I watched eight minutes and six seconds into it before someone made a comment so inherently paradoxical I had to switch it off and restart my Netbook, for fear of it becoming infected.   That, and to save my brain from imploding in on itself with a “Critical Error: Faith in humanity not found

What I did manage to witness however, was a member of the audience divulging the most incongruous comment I have ever had the misfortune to hear.   She said,

“Surely raising benefits and raising tax on high income isn’t going to inspire people out of poverty”

Okay, a few points here I have to make:

  1. They are not raising benefits, they are cutting them.
  2. They are not raising tax on high incomes, they are cutting them.   To the tune I might add of £100,000 a year per overly rich cunt.
  3. This tax cut will only affect millionaires, people who think “Aldi” is some French interior designer

But the “inspire people out of poverty” what the ever loving fuck?   Yeah that is why I’m only eating six hot meals a week, clearly I’m not watching enough 90210 or Dallas, or whatever bullshit TV programme that tries to convince us poor plebs that the obscenely rich really do have it rough.

But to bring it back to her statement, these changes in the budget are going to have no overlap in the people they affect.   These are two entirely two different groups of people, the only chance they have of ever crossing paths, is if you were to wander on to their land lost only to be shot for trespassing.   Before then being sued for damage to their antique shotgun, because they beat you with that too after you murmured for help.   To them you are working class scum, they want your vote yes, but after that they want you to fuck off and go back to polishing the shit off of their shoes.

All in this together?   Are we fuck Gideon.   Cunt

P.S. On a lighter note, admit it, y’all jealous of my mad skillz with mspaint

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