Been a while…



It has been a while since I posted anything, made funnies or generally vied for your attention like the unapologetic addict I really am.   Does this mean I will be going back to writing a post every day?   No.   It does not.   It means I’ll be writing one now and then failing to experience any inspiration for another two to three weeks.   Basically, business as usual.   It has worked this far, why change it.

However, there has been some good news as of late, at long last I have been told my own diagnosis. It has only taken one year, five consultants, four junior psychiatrists, two crisis nurses, a social worker, two occupational therapists, a clinical psychologist, five charge nurses, one community psychiatric nurse and finally three separate hospital admission. (Plus the bonus “Compulsory detention order”)

But now, at long the last the mystery is over. I have a severe recurrent depressive disorder coupled with emotionally instability…

…seems like a bit of an anti-climax if you ask me

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2 Responses to Been a while…

  1. at least now you know. how do you feel about it?

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