Life, The Universe and Everything…


I’ve always thought that “life” probably looked good on paper.   Just, it clearly was poorly executed.

I think to think that when god (referenced purely as a solitary figure for blame.   I mean it’s easier to blame a man made concept than statistical probabilities) came up with the idea of “I know I’m going to create matter” all the other deities were nodding in agreement and generally amazed that they hadn’t thought of it first.   A woosh, bang and wallop, well a big bang really, later a whole universe is made.

Of course after the honeymoon phase worn off, around about the time electromagnetism became an actual force, I like to think he realised the folly of his endeavour, cursing

“Fuck, 500 billion years from now earth is going to get all uppity.   Fucking humans, I’m off to play polo with Thor.  That always ends up in hilarity”

To be honest the best argument for the existence of a bearded and oddly father like anthropomorphic deity is the fact that he has such a piss poor PR team and yet, he is still around.   Go figure.

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